By Marijana Jovanovic
I thought I share some aspects of my work with clients, to help you understand what is naturopathy and how naturopath can help you,

As a naturopath I am helping my clients to balance their body, mind, and spirit. Most of consultation time is focused on their physical health. We talk about their diet, exercise, sleep, energy, any health issues and symptoms that come with that.

But, you cannot separate your physical body from your emotions, spirituality and beliefs. So, I also gather info about their social, work, family, spiritual life, to complete picture of person sitting in front of me. I need as much information as possible to undertake my detective work and join the dots for finding underlying causes of their health issues.

Providing the safe space during 90 minutes initial consultation definitely allow client to relax and think of possible reasons or events that could have led to certain symptoms and health issue that he would like to overcome.

Client feels safe and relaxed to share info about their life, remembers forgotten triggers and in many cases come up with ‘A-Ha’ moments recalling event in the past that possibly caused their current issue. They want to talk more about themselves, and they are willing to engage in the process of achieving optimal wellness.

What is actually happening here?

The clients have been gifted with the space, time, and permission only to think and talk about their life!

So many times, I get the realisation at the end - “I don’t remember last time when I focused only on Me and what has been happening in My life! Thank You!”

Magic happened when people are gifted safe space and enough time to relax, think and talk only about their life.

Why is that?  They have been heard!

This is rewarding, for the client and myself as a practitioner. I made a space only for them where they can feel safe to open their hearts, to search their past, and eventually remember forgotten events and triggers. This safe space allows them to come up with ‘A-Ha’ moments when they connect the event in their past that may have caused their current health issues. This discovery makes my job easier. Also, clients feel proud finding answers by themselves while guided by my questions.

This magic of being heard helps with development and nurturing so called client – practitioner therapeutic relationship. When client - practitioner therapeutic relationship is established, ‘half a job is done’.

If this connection is not achieved it will result in client not being engaged in their own health improvement and eventually, they will disengage.

Collected information combined with most up to date scientific research are main puzzle pieces I need for detective work identifying underlying causes of health issues. From there, we can go on and look into their goals and correcting areas of their life and body that needs balancing.

After puzzle is resolved I combine all info into comprehensive Wellness Plan for the client.

This process is not always smooth and easy. Sometimes it initiates many hidden emotions for the client that come out as expression of sadness or anger towards particular person or event, tears, or deep emotional release. When that happened, it confirms that I succeeded to ‘hold a safe space’ for the client by actively listening.

It is not always the case of immediate resolution and finding the underlying root cause quickly. Sometimes takes more time for research and digging to uncover the cause of clint’s issue. On the other hand, some people are just not ready to open up yet, not ready for the change, or the next stage on their path.

Feeling of fulfilment comes for doing something for others. It comes from the effort of time and energy for someone else.  That is why I am so pleased that I found my life purpose. I am extremely happy providing people with magic of being heard.

Supporting people on the journey towards optimal wellbeing makes me content and grateful.
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